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Bessemer offers the highest quality bulk feed bins in the market that is manufactured in our own factory. These bins are designed for the poultry , dairy , pig  industries the help customers store large volumes of pre-mixed feed that cuts away the old conventional method of bag handling of feed.

These superior feed bins have been manufactured for the past 30 years.

Key features :

  • These bins can be extended from 1 ring up to 8 rings.
  • Bins are equipped with safety ladders.
  • Bins can be erected on site that reduces the transport cost to far away sites.
  • Bins are fully galvanized.
  • Full range of spare parts are available at our factory.

C60 Series Capacity: 2 – 5t


C90 Series Capacity: 7 – 28t


C12 Series Capacity: 28 – 38t