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  • Brandt Mobile




    There’s a Brandt auger that fits your farm.

    Whatever the crop and wherever you need to move it, Brandt has an auger that’s right for you. Brandt Augers are fast, reliable, and longer lasting to get you through harvest worry free.Watch Brandt Augers in Action!


    Grain Bag Equipment

    It’s in the Bag.

    Your harvest is in the bag with Brandt GrainBag Equipment. Designed to fit your needs with extra capacity and flexibility in grain storage during harvest.



    Belt it Out!

    Whether you want to move grain from the truck or out of the bin, a Brandt GrainBelt can handle the job with ease. Fill quickly and gently to protect your seed investment and grain quality.Watch Brandt GrainBelts in Action!


    GRAIN vacs

    Faster By Design.

    Brandt’s GrainVac technology provides high capacity & high efficiency with lower horsepower requirements. A low-cost, easy to maintain solution for cleaning out the bin.


    Hard car unloader

    Take a Load Off.

    The Hard Car Unloader designed by NPK, facilitates unloading packed, frozen or hardened bulk products such as DDGS, coke, ash, soybean meal, etc. from hopper bottom railcars.


    GRAIN carts

    Take a Load Off.

    Brandt GrainCarts have an innovative corner-auger design with extra reach and better clearance to maximize your harvest potential.



    Get going!

    Brandt movers allow operators to move equipment around the yard with ease.



  • Bulk Feed Bins



    Bessemer Africa (Pty) Ltd offers the highest quality bulk feed bins in the market that is manufactured in our own factory. These bins are designed for the poultry , dairy , pig  industries the help customers store large volumes of pre-mixed feed that cuts away the old conventional method of bag handling of feed.


    • These bins can be extended from 1 ring up to 8 rings.
    • Bins are equipped with safety ladders.
    • Bins can be erected on site that reduces the transport cost to far away sites.
    • Bins are fully galvanized.
    • Full range of spare parts are available at our factory.

    These superior feed bins have been manufactured for the past 30 years.


  • Bunker Systems



    Bunker Systems are some of the most cost effective storage systems in the Grain Industry. With low initial costs and no concrete or civil works needed bunker systems can be up and running in no time. If the platform is prepared in advance and all materials are on site, we can install a bunker system within two weeks.


    • Low initial installation costs
    • Low operational running cost
    • Can store fertilizer
    • Can run off generators
    • Select equipment can be PTO driven
  • Grain Silos



    Bessemer Africa (Pty) Ltd grain silos feature superior strength and are installed with ease - an excellent example of our commitment to the delivering of the highest grade product and service to our clients. Through numerous design innovations these silos have a greater peak capacity and are constructed from high-quality galvanized steel to weather the toughest conditions.



    The ingenious design simplifies installation, saving cost on assembly while increasing its storage capacity. Our silos are designed for the vertical load and safely allows for peak storage as well as supporting catwalks overhead.



    Bessemer’s grain silos are some of the highest quality around the globe. We continue to do contract work internationally, and many businesses overseas are already familiar with the name Bessemer.



    Total grain storage capacity up to

    24 000 tons.

  • Poultry Houses



    Bessemer Africa (Pty) Ltd also provides turnkey projects to the poultry industry. Bessemer have also recently completed the single biggest project in the history of South-Africa for a breeder farm.


    Earlybird Farms Awarded the project to Bessemer because Bessemer can deliver turnkey. The project consisted of 48 poultry houses. Bessemer fabricated and erected all steel work for Early Bird Farms. The Civil and building works was also conducted by Bessemer.



    Bessemer have also erected up to 60 Poultry houses in Mauritius for long trusted clients.



    So it is clear at Bessemer we don’t just do Poultry Houses but also build long term relationships with our clients.



    Bessemer can offer all types of buildings for the poultry. We also consist of our own engineering and drawing office departments that can assist clients with their design of poultry houses.